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Locanda Demetra: The Kid Friendly Restaurant in Tuscany That You’ll Never Want to Leave

Locanda Demetra in Tuscany in a restored farmhouse near Montalcino

Finding a kid friendly restaurant in Tuscany isn’t very difficult. Seriously, Italians are known for their love of kids. Finding an authentic restaurant that the adults will also enjoy is a slightly more challenging. The trick is to avoid the tourist traps, while steering clear of any place too stuffy. Luckily, Locanda Demetra checks both of these boxes.

When is the last time you spent two hours at a restaurant with your toddlers?  Let me rephrase.  When is the last time you spent two hours at a restaurant with your toddlers and didn’t leave sweating bullets and completely frazzled?  For me, it was in this beautiful restaurant, in Tuscany.  Locanda Demetra is a food lover’s paradise, with a kid friendly atmosphere and the most idyllic setting.

About Locanda Demetra

During our family trip to Tuscany, we’d done several searches trying to find the “best” kid friendly restaurant in Tuscany.  Food can be so subjective, so that can be a difficult undertaking. Still, about a hundred different places came up as being the “best”. We finally landed on this little place called Locanda Demetra.

Just a short drive from Montalcino on one of the the winding roads of the Tuscan hills, sits a simple stone farmhouse.  The small parking area, only meant for about five cars was already full when we arrived. Walking toward the back of the house you start seeing glimpses of the majestic views. The lawn, dotted with a few tables, is lined by rows of seasonal vegetables and herbs.  Just beyond are the rolling hills of Tuscany.  

Immediately upon arriving, we noticed a woman with a small child playing on a blanket, and we knew this would be a great place for us. Only later did we find out that the lady and child are part of the family that owns Locanda Demetra.

views from inside Locanda Demetra
views from inside

The Farmhouse Turned Restaurant

The inside has been restored at the hands of the three siblings that bought the abandoned house a few years ago. Since then, they’ve brought it back to the simplistic splendor it once had. Nothing fancy, the kitchen is reminiscent of a rustic space that any modern cook would envy.  

Cooking Classes at Locanda Demetra

A large table in the middle is where we found ingredients prepped for an impending cooking class. The classes are always different, based somewhat on the season and the usual preparations that need to be done during the specific time of year.  

Starting with a tour of the gardens and chicken coop, the experiences can vary from pickling olives to harvesting honey. The class goes through making an entire Tuscan meal , complete with homemade pasta and dessert. Then, the best part, tasting your creations.

Locanda Demetra Kitchen Tuscany
the kitchen

We, unfortunately, did not get to do a cooking class. Had I known about this place sooner, we would’ve been doing this on day one in Tuscany.  They did, however, provide our daughter with a ball of bread dough to keep her entertained while waiting on lunch to be prepared. 

outdoor dining at Locanda Demetra Tuscany with kids
dining al fresco

Dining at Locanda Demetra

Every part of this place is family run and locally sourced. We started with a charcuterie board served with wild boar that had been caught on the grounds and a bottle of wine grown just over the hill.  

My handmade ravioli was stuffed with cheese from a local farm and topped with sun dried tomatoes grown and dried in the garden.  David had a delicious wild boar ragout, and the kids tried yet another butter pasta, but tasted a few bites of ours.

wild boar ragout at Locanda Demetra
wild boar ragout | Locanda Demetra

Why We Loved Locanda Demetra

So how exactly, were we able to enjoy over two hours here?  First, wine.  Second, we loved that the entire place is run by family. We loved chatting with our server about how he and his brothers bought and renovated the old farm house with a dream that has turned into reality. Lastly, Locanda Demetra’s atmosphere makes it easy to transition right into the Tuscan slow paced lifestyle. Like every Italian restaurant, it is about the experience, not just the food.

Before ordering we peeked inside the farmhouse. Between courses we walked around the gardens. After our meal, we played and made flower crowns with our girl. Not once did we glimpse at a watch or phone.  The staff never rushed us, nor did they frown upon our kids being there. In fact, they welcomed them.

flower crowns at Locanda Demetra Tuscany
flower crowns | Locanda Demetra
hillside at Locanda Demetra
hillside at Locanda Demetra

If you go to Tuscany, do yourself a favor and make a point to visit Locanda Demetra. Let me know if you take the cooking classes. I want to hear all about it! Make sure to check out our post on how we spent 12 days in Italy with our kids!

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